Here are family photography portrait sessions

Family photography is the bread and butter of Dreams & Darlings, which one can see from the many family portrait sessions here. We love capturing our families as the way they are, in the best light we can find, in the most friendly lens we can use. Take a look at the many examples of family photography on this page and let us know if you are interested in Judy capturing your family.

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Family photography captured with our vision

Above are many examples of family photography portrait sessions that Judy has captured throughout the years. Family photos are something that came naturally from our wedding photography, where we saw our couples get married on their happiest day. Then they started families and we naturally helped them capture those memories and moments through our lens. These photos represent years of relationships and connections, with new families and old families.

When maternity photography crosses with family photos

Often we have family photos happen where we capture both their new and growing family, along with a very happy and pregnancy mother. The nice thing is we can capture both types of photos (family and maternity) during the same session. The bad thing is the little toddlers tend to run circles around our more encumbered moms! But seriously, we do a lot of awesome photos of this new family that's growing and growing, so it's our pleasure to capture some maternity and pregnancy photos during the family session.