Here are maternity photography portrait sessions

Maternity Photography is one of the specialties of Dreams & Darlings. Judy was twice pregnant and did maternity photos herself. She knows the immense pride of being pregnant, the glow of carrying a baby, the insecurity of a changing body, and the awkward joy of showing it to other people. Let Judy capture your once in a lifetime body in a beautiful light and a gentle lens.

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Maternity Photography

Above are many examples of maternity photography portrait sessions done by Judy. Shooting portraits while pregnant is a special and delicate thing, as any mother knows. It's a vulnerable but joyous period of time. Judy has the personal and professional experience to take care our mothers-to-be with a gentle hand, warm voice, and creative eye. Whether it's Los Angeles maternity photography, Orange County maternity photography, or pregnancy portraits in your own home, Dreams and Darlings can capture your temporary body in eternal images.