Articles of Asian Family Photography

These are all articles of Asian families (Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Filipino, and more). Judy is Asian and understands the culture and families, which helps with Asian family photos.

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Asian Family Photos

Judy is half Chinese and half Vietnamese, so connecting and relating to Asian families and Asian culture is natural and a given. Judy also speaks fluent Vietnamese, while knowing elementary Mandarin and Cantonese. Our Asian families are most often Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Tawainese, or Indian. We often we many multicultural families that consist of multiple ethnic backgrounds, including a mixture of different Asian ethnicities and also with African, European, or Middle Eastern descent.

Asian families often have a strict family structure and naming that is specific to father/mother sides. Large Asian famlies are common, and with that comes the large family structures. Then adding in-laws that are family through marriage makes the permutations more varied. Judy has over 400 weddings under her belt, which mean she has done over 400 family formals during weddings. A wedding will often have the largest family photos, with two large Asian families gathering together (sometimes for the first time ever).

We cover the Los Angeles and Orange County region for family photography. Major Asian communities in the LA COunty region include Chinatown (north of downtown Los Angeles), Koreatown (west of downtown LA), Japantown in downtown, Alhambra, Monterey Park, Cerritos, Walnut, Rowland Heights, San Gabriel, Rosemead, San Marino, and Arcadia. There are many pockets of Asian communities throughout the San Gabriel Valley, as Asians moved east of Los Angeles to settle in suburbs. Often we do family portrait sessions in these communities, using local parks for the family photography locations. Orange County hosts the largest Vietnamese population in the US. Also known as Little Saigon, this is mostly centered in Westminster and Garden Grove. Irvine is host to the largest Chinese/Tawainese population in Orange County.