Here is photography done in the lovely City of San Dimas

We live in San Dimas, so we have a special place for our hometown. These are all the blog articles of portrait sessions done in our lovely little town. This includes San Dimas family photography, San Dimas maternity photography, and San Dimas graduation photography. Often, these different types of sessions combine with each other, of which we are more than happy to accomodate.

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San Dimas Family Photography

We do family photography in San Dimas, our hometown. Since we live and breathe this small, great town of ours, we know lots of little spots that are our secrets and hidden photogenic corners. Judy has been capturing families through the gentle hand on her lens and the guiding voice that helps us get families in their best light. Let Judy capture your family in with the same vision and kindness we strive for in every session.

San Dimas Maternity Photography

We also specialize in maternity photos, using the same multitude of local locations in San Dimas that we use for family photos. Getting photo portraits with a pregnant subject requires a delicate hand and kind voice, but also with the humor and fun that comes from being so pregnant (and trust us that Judy knows what it's like to feel super pregnant). But this is something that you can trust Judy with as we capture your beautiful pregnancy, often at the same time as we capture your growing family.

San Dimas Graduation Photography

We also do many of our graduation photos here in the city of San Dimas, since the scenic trails and parks make for a neutral and natural backdrop. Often, our San Dimas graduation photos overlap with family photos, since it's often an event for celebrating and a rite of passage for their family. Again, it's a pleasure that we are entrusted to capture these pivotal moments and cherished memories.