Judy Holt, a Mother

Judy is a mother

We have two lovely daughters, two years apart and two years together (2 and 4). And Judy takes that love and captures it in our photography of other loving families. She is not only a mother to our children, but a mother to the many families we connect with in this exciting and rewarding career.

Judy is a mother to her children, and in her photography. The traits that define motherhood — care, attention, patience, honesty, love — are the same traits seen in her photography of other families. Look at the many photos and see that there is a loving touch and caring voice behind that camera.

Food Cooked by Judy Holt

Judy loves cooking for her family and tending to her garden

She loves cooking for her family, especially Asian cuisine. Judy makes a great Vietnamese Pho soup from scratch, along with a pretty good sticky rice with mango. She has a garden that includes a variety of mint and other herbs, gourds, squash (butternut and kabocha), carrots, corn, green onions (vital for Korean Shin Ramyun noodles), bok choy, and lemongrass. Gavin likes to build planters and arbors for our garden.

In other words, we like food.

Judy Drinking Beer

Judy likes her coffee black and her beers hoppy

Growing up on Vietnamese coffee means that most coffee is not strong enough, but black coffee also means less calories! But when Judy does splurge on calories it’s with a Starbucks caramel macchiato. Or boba. Or sea-salt green tea with cream.

And one of the reasons Gavin fell in love with Judy is when she ordered a Guinness on a date. And like the acquired tastes of coffee and tea, Judy acquired the taste of IPAs. Her current favorite is Green Flash IPA, but Mango Cart is nice on a hot day.

Judy Holt

Judy loves her families

One of the things about family photography is we get to see a family again and again, year after year. We get to see infants become toddlers, toddlers become children, and children become teens. It’s personal, it’s rewarding, and it’s something that Judy embraces with each family she captures. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of someone’s wedding day, but it’s something else to be a part of a family for one day a year, year after year.