Articles in Urban Locations

These are all articles of urban family photos and urban maternity photos, taken in a modern setting like downtown Los Angeles.

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Modern and Urban Family Photography

These are all examples of urban and modern family photography. Urban settings is best characterized by downtown areas, such as downtown Los Angeles. The urban city skyline and towering buildings, along with the concrete and metal construction elements, create a modern backdrop in contrast with the suburban areas. Suburban backdrops would be typically suburbia, or homes and parks. The other common settings in Southern California would be the beaches or a nature setting (field or forest).

Most of our family photos in an urban, city setting wanted something different from the usual family photography done in parks and locally in suburbs. We specialize in low-light photography, allowing us to capture our families in darker situations and locations. We can capture the light of the city better than most family photographers. We take our extensive experience with wedding photography and apply it our family photos to get unique and amazing images, but just look above to get an idea of what we produce.