Here are family photos with a fence

As family photographers, we use many backdrops to frame our families. Using a fence is a tried and true background and prop for foregrounds. But if you are looking on this page, you are likely looking for nice fences in family photography portaits.

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Family photos with a fence

Above are a bunch of examples of fences in our family photos. They are backdrops, foreground props, and great for sitting on. We use them in so many ways to make our family photography that little extra. Fences are great for framing a photo, using the converging lines and perspective to guides the eyes and tell more of a story. Family photography with fences also gives a great prop for sitting on and standing next to, which is especially handy with infants that can stand but need support. If you are looking at this page, you are likely looking for examples that let you know if your own family portraits would like a fence as one element.