Here are family photos with two children

It seems that the most common number of children we've seen in our family portrait sessions is two. Here are all the family photography sessions with two children, whether with two sons, two daughters, or one of each.

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Family Photography with Two Children

Oddly enough, we have two children ourselves (two daughters) and apparently having two children is really popular with our family photography sessions. Maybe it's because it's the stepping stone to more children. Maybe it's because most parents don't like being outnumbered. So if you are having a family portrait session with your two kids and want to see what it looks like, these above examples can give you an idea of how we capture such a family. There are also examples of two sons (brothers being brothers), two daughters (sisters being sisters), and one daughter and one son.

Having two children has three variations: two sons, two daughters, or one son and one daughter. Each carry their own look and feel, of which Judy is an expert at capturing.

We provide family photography services to the Los Angeles and Orange County region. Los Angeles family photos can be characterized by the downtown area, the beaches on the westside, and the many parks and recreational areas in the many suburbs of Los Angeles County. Orange County family photos are characterized by the beaches and the many parks.